10 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Season: Your Holiday Comfort Guide.

The holiday season is a time of celebration and joy, but it's also a stressful time for many people. There are the usual stresses that come with this time of year – decorating, getting together with family, gift shopping – but there are other unexpected stressors that can wreak havoc on your mental well-being as well.

It's good to have coping strategies and a plan to make sure that the holidays are enjoyable and not defeating. Some of us have the stress of planning and coordinating everything for our family and friends, some of us have the stress depression around the holidays, and a lot of us are in situations that are don't go away and are hard on us. We often lose ourselves a little bit getting wrapped up in the giving and caring for others during the holidays and it's imperative to have routines and practices that keep you sustained mentally, emotionally, and physically this season; and all of that begins with self care.

Here are 10 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Season

1. Get Comfy - You couldn't have thought that anything else would have been our first tip right? We are literally in the business of comfort and coziness! Grab a Peaceful Pickings Cozy Blanket and just breathe! Make sure you take time that is just for you where you curl up with some thing soft, drink something you enjoy, and rest your body for a few moments. When you have these cozy moments it resets the brain and the body giving you a mindful moment to just take everything in and feel peaceful. 

2. Set Boundaries - You don't have to go visit that one family member that kills your vibe! It's important that you don't feel obligated to go anywhere or invite anyone over that you are not so excited for. It is okay to politely, but firmly, decline in order to protect your energy and your peace (If you sit out from an event it may be a good idea to practice tip #1).

3. Keep It Normal - The holidays are a yearly excuse for some to let go of the healthy habits and rituals they have worked hard to create and that can lead you into the new year all year round.  You can still have all of the holiday fun and still make it to the gym and have your personal development time. If you have routines that keep you structured and organized, then it is a good idea to plan your holiday events around those things. 

4. Don't Go Overboard - Write out a list of gifts and tasks that need to be accomplished this season and stick to the list. With a written plan of what gifts to buy and for who, you will be able to stick to your shopping budget and save on time. A clear task list optimizes time and ensures we don't overdecorate, rush decorating, or worst of all, not get to enjoy that gathering you worked so hard to execute.

5. Make Tasks A Group Activity - Don't be afraid to delegate. It may not be exactly how you would do it, however it will get done and you will get back to enjoying your family and friends much sooner this holiday season. Let the kids or friends help you decorate and cook. You will get quality time and finish the tasks much faster. Knowing when to ask for help is so important all the time and especially during the holiday season where there are many more variables to cause stress.

6. Wrap Gifts As You Go - It's so easy to hide them all over the house and it is a lot harder to get them all wrapped up while keeping the gifts a surprise. Take the time to shop in waves so the holiday is filled with treats and fun with loved ones, rather than being in a room wrapping gifts.

7. Bake early - Make your baked goods a couple of days before the holiday. You will have treats for guests as they arrive and it allows you to be able to focus on just the meals that need to be prepared for the day. 

8. Give Gratitude - Take a few moments each day and give gratitude for all of the things that are good now and the good that is coming. The holidays are usually filled with happy moments and people you love. Writing these out in a journal can help you express yourself and give you something to look at over the year when you are having a rough day.

9. Give Yourself Grace - It's okay if you can't buy all of the gifts that you would like to or visit all of the loved ones that want to see you. If your budget and time do not permit some activities don't be discouraged, plan it for the new year. Be gentle and understanding with yourself when you are writing your new year's resolution. The new year doesn't mean reinventing yourself all at once, so start small and set milestones for you resolutions.

10. Let The Positivity Flow- Past holiday seasons have prepared some of us for the worst and we have the power to break the cycle just by using our words and thinking positively. Be your own cheerleader and act accordingly. Tell yourself "I've got this, I'm going to make this the holiday season to be full of love and next year I look forward to it being my best year yet." You have the power of positivity inside of you and it's so powerful that it will cause a ripple of goodness all around you!

The holidays can be stressful, and it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of gift shopping, meal preparation, and entertaining. We hope these tips will help reduce your stress this holiday season and provide you with some great ideas on how to make this year’s festivities more enjoyable for everyone! Don't forget to order a Luxury box for your mindful moments and get a second box for a loved who could use a comfort and coziness this holiday season.