Pamper Yourself Box in Pink


100% 19 mm Pure Silk | Double Shading Sleeping Eye Mask

This luxurious Pink silk eye mask is designed for your comfort and can assist in getting a good night's sleep by creating a dark and comfortable sleep environment.  Our silk eye masks can be part of your calming bedtime routine. Getting quality sleep can improve concentration, irritability, mood, reaction time and short term memory  Available in black and pink - the perfect gift for you and that "someone special" in your life!

To maintain the highest level of quality, hand wash with gentle soap and cold water, air dry.

This handcrafted vegetable-based Black Currant and Olive Butter soap is enriched with shea butter, black currant butter, and olive oil for supple, cleansed skin.

In addition to its anti-aging benefits, Black Currant is rich in Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for healthy skin. Olive Butter is infused for lasting hydration and moisture - your skin will look and feel like you just left the spa!

Handcrafted | Vegetable-Based | Natural Formula

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