Luxury Black Out Box



Treat yourself to a day of self-care, or gift to someone you love who really needs it. Our Luxury Black Our Box is luxuriously packaged with hand-selected products to provide gentle comfort that soothes all of your senses.

 Ultra-soft XL microfiber black throw blanket that wraps you in delicate warmth and serenity. Throw blanket is pre-washed for softness. (Cotton throw option also available)

 Handcrafted soap with eucalyptus calms the body and provides exfoliating benefits.

Our Peace- Candle- Hand poured 4 oz soy candle in glass cube burns for 15-20 hours. Fill your space with the airy, balanced notes of our fragrance oil. The sweet yet salty peaceful  accords combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. Hints of its mystery and intrigue combine to inspire this scent’s calming aroma.

 Silk sleep eye mask gives you the most amazing night's sleep and helps you to feel refreshed in the morning, while also protecting skin and hair from friction damage.

Sleek Stainless Tumbler fits perfectly into your car cup holder to take your favorite beverage on the go.

Organic popcorn is delicious and only 50 calories.

We recommend gifting for: Holiday gift, Christmas gift, Birthday, Bachelor Party, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Job Promotion, "Thinking Of You", Mother's Day, Sympathy Gift, Get Well Gift.

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