Our gift boxes are curated by a CBT/DBT therapist with products that soothe the senses and  promote emotional well being. Our journey to creating these comfort boxes started many years ago when our son - who was 15 years old - underwent open-heart surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. A few days before his surgery, a dear family friend gave him a super soft throw blanket -- that became a wonderful source of comfort. The generous gift of a blanket was one of several ways we coped in anticipation of the surgery and in the recovery weeks that followed. We found ourselves building soothing atmospheres in our home and daily lives during that time. Those habits stuck with us and continue to this day.

For the past 25 years, I have helped people regulate their emotions and skillfully get through challenging times as a School Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. These skills include self-soothing with your senses and the mindfulness that comes with being present, slowing down, and taking notice of the moments that truly matter. These comfort boxes are designed to bring some of these techniques to your home.

 Over the years, I have pulled together luxurious comfort gift boxes for family and friends whenever I needed a gift that would last longer than flowers, feel more like a hug, and provide a bit of peace.

My sons Ronnie and Vincent have joined me in the small business endeavor with the mission to send comfort and love one box at a time.

We package these boxes for you with love and intention – and we hope that you and your loved ones find many peaceful moments with these pickings. 

 Warmest regards,

Dawn Catucci