Soft Landings Sleep Box


19 mm Silk | Double Shading Sleeping Eye Mask and Pillowcase

The items in this Soft Landings Sleep Box have been carefully selected to
soothe your senses, create space, and help you to get a good night’s sleep.
Here are the items and why we love them:

The Pure Silk Double Shading Sleeping Eye Mask* is a 100% silk eye mask
designed for maximum comfort while you rest. The eye mask is double
layered, creating a dark and relaxing environment, to help you get a good
night's sleep. Use it as part of your calming bedtime routine -- getting
quality sleep is shown to improve concentration, irritability, mood, reaction
time and short term memory.

The Silk Pillowcase* is the ultimate luxury for your bedtime
routine. This pillowcase keeps you cool, is non irritating, and is more delicate
than cotton for your skin and hair. Relax into the cool, soft silk and nod off
into a great night’s sleep.

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